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Thanks to all recorders who have been putting their news up on this blog, great to see. Keep the posts coming! Neil

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Portable LED light – the future of moth hunting in remote areas?

There has been a bit of internet discussion on this portable LED light for moths that is lightweight and can run from powerpacks normally used to charge mobile phones when away from power points (e.g.for camping). Thought it may be … Continue reading

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SWT Summer Moth Course at Foxburrow Farm

I’ve been asked to forward on details of this course that may be of interest for some. The SWT have organised a Summer Moth course at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Foxburrow Farm reserve for Saturday, July 1st with Edward Jackson, who … Continue reading

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Mapmate users – an alert on the new checklist patch.

I know some moth recorders in Suffolk use this program so I thought I’d put out some news on the latest patch. This is a complete revision of the moth checklist to the new order. I downloaded and applied it … Continue reading

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Moth naming

For blog posts can posters please stick to English names for macros and scientific names for micros. This seems to be the most common practice in use. If you do want to use English names for micros then please supply … Continue reading

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Electric shock off moth trap.

Not a risk I had ever been aware of until this morning. I unplugged the MV trap from the mains supply rather than switching the lamp off first and got a substantial jolt when I touched the plug terminals. I … Continue reading

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How the weather makes a difference!

Just comparing records for this year to the same period last year, what a marked difference due to the weather! Up to 31st March last year I had recorded just 16 species (adult moths) and the individual moth count was … Continue reading

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Experiments with lamps.

This time of year there is nothing much in the garden, so I take my lights to the nearby woodland and use the 40w actinic run from the car inverter rather than run the generator. The inverter plugged into the … Continue reading

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Good mothing weather not too far off?

Hello all, Despite the current gloomy prospects, next week from Tuesday onwards we could be in for a spell of warmer, calmer nights. Thursday currently the warmest on wunderground with 16C min at my location.

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