Great Martin’s wood meeting this week.

As the weather is looking OK for the rest of the week I’ve decided early that the meeting can go ahead on Friday 26th May, so hopefully see some of you there!


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Nothing to see here …

Well, I definitely can’t compete with the latest rare moth offering from Bawdsey … but congrats to Matthew all the same. Readers of Atropos Flight Arrivals or followers of Matthew’s twitter account will know what I’m referring too!

Back on planet Woolpit, it’s all been rather slow and mundane. Treble-lines, Mottled & Vine’s Rustic, White Ermine, Common Wainscot, Setaceous Hebrew C’ and the dreaded ‘pugs’ are just making their presence known. Had my first Peppered Moth, Willow Beauty and Bee Moths of the year last night, but still no pyrals or micros to speak of.

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Suffolk Moth Group Field Events 2017

Here is the list of events as they stand for this year.


Note that there are 2 dates for most meetings, this is so the best night weather-wise can be chosen near the date of the event. News on which day the event is taking place will be posted on the Suffolk Moth blog at least 1 day before the meeting.


26TH/27TH May.  Great Martin’s wood (for general recording)
Meet on track by wood at TM101363 at 9pm


2nd/3rd June.        Reydon wood SWT reserve (for general recording)
Meet at TM480788 (car park along lane) at 9pm

9th/10th June.      Lakenheath warren, Brecks (for breckland specialities)
Meet in Mayday Farm car park at TL794834 at 9pm. Drive in to the                               forest through a locked gate for this event.


16th/17th June.  Old Hall Wood, Bentley (for woodland species possibly including Olive crescent)
Meet at junction on road at TM118388 at 9pm. Drive along a
long farm track to the recording area for this event.

23rd/24th June.  North Denes, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (for Sand dart and coastal
Meet on Salisbury Road next to toilets at TG531089 at 9pm


7th July.                North Cove SWT reserve (for wetland species possibly including
Dentated pug)
Meet in car park at TM471905 at 9pm


14th/15th July.     Away day – Covert wood, nr Canterbury, Kent (for Dusky Peacock,
Triangle etc)
More details to follow


21st July.              Orfordness NT reserve (for saltmarsh and coastal sp and maybe
White-mantled wainscot)

Meet at Orford Quay TM425495 at 7.30pm. Ferry will meet us and
take us to the reserve. Overnight stay on the site so bring breakfast and a
sleeping bag etc. Traps will be put out and checked in the morning. Will
need a note of numbers for this meeting so let me know if you are coming.

18th/19th Aug.     Hen reedbeds SWT reserve (for reedbed species)
Meet in car park TM471771 at 8pm

25th/26th Aug.     Tunstall common (for general recording)
Meet in the car park at TM375549 at 8pm

There will also be a leaf miner recording day in October, details will be posted at a later date for this event.

Neil Sherman (

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Hollesley Moths May 1st to 16th

Chose to post now as we are due two nights of persistent rain which gives a break in the mothing. Very welcome rain though as it was beginning to look like a desert here. The month started with a week or so of very poor mothing weather owing to the cold winds, mainly from the north or east. Things warmed up towards the middle of the month with summer arriving during the day of 16th. I trapped on the night of the 16th but brought the traps in at around 1 am. Even then owing to such a warm calm night the catch was the best this year.

Visited The Patch on 14th where Epinotia immundana was the most abundant species and turned up my first Eyed Hawk-moth of the year there. Also there was Phyllonorycter viminiella, Seraphim and Small Phoenix and a very pale and well marked Cryptoblabes bistriga.  Thought I had turned up a Nematopogon swammerdamella at home but the one at the patch was my usual N. schwarziellus as all at home have been when carefully examined. At home Pugs galore; Common, Double-striped, Brindled, Oak-tree, Ocheous, White-spotted, Mottled, Narrow-winged, Netted, V, Currant and Lime-speck. Knot Grass, Poplar Grey and Coronet and the first Wainscot of the year was a Mathews. A few Phyllonorycter species in addition to the viminiella at The Patch, I have taken blancardella, spinicolella, messaniella, harrisella and klemannella at home with one of the P. klemannella being almost black with silver markings. The 15th and 16th saw a good emergence of micros. A number of Nepticulids turned up with Stigmella floslactella, S. roborella and S. samiatella being identified from the moth and others requiring dissection. Three Bucculatrix, albedinella, ulmella and lots of nigricomella. And a number of attractive larger micros by way of Eupoecilia angustana, Notocelia trimaculana, Pammene regiana, P. fasciana and P. aurita. My most pleasing first for the year though was a freshly emerged Cydia inquinatana which appears to be resident in my Acers. So I am expecting a few more this year.

For moth blog

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Struggling for moths

I set my alarm for five today to beat the rain and keep the Robins off the catch and wished I hadn’t bothered, a measly 10 moths of 8 species – town centre mothing can be tough at times. Interest was provided though by this Garden Carpet ab. costovata which is the first time I have encountered it. Again, I’m wondering how often this has been picked up in the county.


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Status of Prays rucifeps


Sorry for the mix up with previous post – please view my comments

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Status of

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2017 Field meetings.

Just a quick note to say that the 2017 field meetings are in the final process of being organized, so watch this space for more news. First meeting will probably be at the end of May.


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April ends in a final (wet) flourish.

Finally some much needed rain last night, we have been desperate for it around here. Put the traps out anyway despite the wet forecast as the cloud kept the temperature up. Well worth it with a respectable catch of 35sp. Best moth Dotted chestnut. Nothing too exciting amongst the rest but nice to get the season moving on with White ermine, Dwarf pug, Light brocade, Spectacle, Treble lines, Pale tussock, Sharp-angled peacock, Nutmeg, Cedestis subfasciella, Heart and Dart, Peppered, Turnip and Green carpet. Still Common quaker, Clouded drab, Hebrew character, and Red-green carpet hanging on.
Not much else to report from previous nights trapping to this one as I didn’t do much in the cool conditions. Did try on the 28th and amongst the small catch was a Mullein moth (only my 3rd adult record) and the first hawk for the year an Eyed.


Dotted chestnut

Dotted chestnut

Mullein moth

Mullein moth

Eyed hawk

Eyed hawk

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More Moths for April

Decided not to trap tonight and we have a brief return to winter coming up so thought to post for the handful of recent good moth nights. At home but went down to The Patch on 21st as well. Diversity is well up now. Species numbers falling short of 40 though. All the common Prominents flying now and a lot of Heralds recently. First Poplar Hawk-moth at The Patch along with Maidens Blush, Latticed Heath, Mullein and Dotted Chestnut. A good catch at The Patch that was dominated numerically by Hebrew Character, Elachista apicipunctella and Epinotia immundana.   A first Carpatolechia proximella for the year there too. Lots of first for the years at home included Setaceous Hebrew Character, White Point, White Ermine and Tawny Shears. Blood Vein out and lots of Red Twin-spot Carpets. Amongst the micros there have been some very clean Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, a Cochylis atricapitana and a Cydia ulicetana and a couple of Depressaria chaerophylli but to cap the micro catch was my second ever Agonopterix curvipunctosa. Unlike my first last year this was in perfect condition and female so hopefully they will multiply.


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