Mapmate users – an alert on the new checklist patch.

I know some moth recorders in Suffolk use this program so I thought I’d put out some news on the latest patch. This is a complete revision of the moth checklist to the new order. I downloaded and applied it to my Mapmate and things all went wrong. I always then check my site species list as a test to see if all is OK, this time it wasn’t, over 100sp were missing! All records seemed to be there however. Found out on the web that the new patch was missing some of the moth families hence why my list was shortened. Has since been rectified with an update to the patch so if you have downloaded and applied this patch when you got the newsletter alert about it recently it will be worth going onto the Mapmate site and downloading and applying it again to get the full list. I’ve done that and it now works fine. With the new system in place however you won’t be able to use the old numbers anymore, they have been removed! Doesn’t affect me as I tend to use the moth names anyway.


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2 Responses to Mapmate users – an alert on the new checklist patch.

  1. paulb says:

    Hello Neil .. Thanks for the note. As a MapMate user I was aware of the issue via some comments posted on the Migrant Leps Facebook page. I re-ran the patch and all seems fine. In fact, I think my garden list has actually gone up … although I’m not sure how. On the downside, I’m still waiting for the actual species database to be update so I can finally add some of my “fridge twitch” records!

  2. Tony Prichard says:

    Be careful with any Engrailed/Small Engrailed records. Apparently there is or was some discrepancy with the handling of the aggregates and the new Ectropis sp. for Small Engrailed. Not being a Mapmate user I’ve not really kept too much of an eye on the discussion.

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