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Monochroa palustrellus

After a two-week pause due to the poor weather, the garden traps been back in action. Lunar, Large and Lesser Yellow U/wing make up most of the now limited catch, as does Set’ Hebrew Character. Black Rustic, Brown-spotted Pinion and … Continue reading

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Box Tree moth arrives at IGC.

I trapped a typical form Box Tree moth Cydalima perspectalis last night (7th September) in my garden MV. My first site record of this species and I’m sure it won’t be the last going on the sightings of this moth … Continue reading

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Late August Hollesley

Just catching at home during this period and with moth numbers relatively low though there are immigrants around. Shall probably branch out a little locally to try and capture the Butterbur that is in flight now. Setaceous Hebrew Character seems … Continue reading

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Woolpit ‘VisMig’

To coin a birding phrase, last nights seemingly unpromising clear skies delivered a classic migrant moth in the form of a single Scarce Bordered Straw. It has been eleven years since this species last graced the garden trap – in … Continue reading

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IGC August – summer ends all too quick.

August has primarily been a disappointing month at IGC for moths. The start of the month saw a massive decline in catches due to poor weather. On top of this some work and family commitments reduced trapping opportunities. Moth numbers … Continue reading

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August in the slow lane…

A very quiet August here near Halesworth. No migrants until the last week or so when things kicked off with a flurry of migrant hawker dragonflies and a couple of painted ladies in the garden, but no hummers or even … Continue reading

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Havergate Island 14th August 2017

I managed to get transport out to Havergate Island on a good night for estuarine moths. It is always a pleasure to be there. In part because the weather will be calm when I request the opportunity and allows me … Continue reading

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Latticed heath arrival.

35 Latticed heath in/on my traps this morning, a higher than normal number suggesting immigration or local emergence. Anyone else notice this? Neil

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First half of August Hollesley

Not the best of weather for moths and moth-ing but there were some days that provided good catches and visited The Patch on 7th. Catches of micros have decreased except for Blastobasis adustella in profusion. A single Parornix fagivora was … Continue reading

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News from IGC for July – a very busy period!

Most of July continued on the same theme as June, with good numbers of moths around, keeping me very busy. On top of this there were all the field meetings going on and a holiday at the end of the … Continue reading

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