A Duo of Gypsy Moths

A surprise this morning with not one but 2 male Gypsy Moths in the garden trap. Not sure of the origin of these 2 moths – are they likely immigrants or wanderers from the expanding London population?


Gypsy Moth 1(1)

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3 Responses to A Duo of Gypsy Moths

  1. Neil says:

    Most likely internal wanderers I would say Mark. The moth is possibly establishing a toe hold as a breeding species in the county being noted each year on the coast so i expect it to become more regular in people’s traps.

  2. Neil says:

    Since I last posted on this message, another Gypsy moth has been noted in Ipswich and I had one on the 8th.

  3. Mark Timms says:

    Thanks Neil that’s interesting. I had another (a different individual) on the 8th.

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