September moths at Hollesley

Anyone else been catching moths? True not inspiring moth collecting weather which hasn’t enticed me out a lot but there were a few highlights. I had a specimen for dissection left over from 31st August that looked like and was proven to be a Scrobipalpa suaedella. A rare salt-marsh species that made it to the light in my front garden. For September I picked up a Lyonetia prunifoliella on 10th. Good to get this species here as it gives the species a widespread distribution in the county now. I also had my first Clifden Nonpareil on 7th. This species seems to be getting quite common in the county now! Perhaps my best highlight was an immigrant from the east, a lovely example of Caloptilia honoratella. this species has been expanding across Europe and reached Kent this year, so in now in Suffolk too. Otherwise the month has seenĀ  a peppering of immigrants with the Delicate being dominant. Interesting on this species I noticed a dark specimen of the Delicate being caught as a garden first in Grundisburgh this year well before the immigrant numbers increased suggesting it could be breeding in Suffolk.

Thoughts on Climate Change: This is something that we are all aware of these days. The expected change to our climate, particularly in the east here has been evident this year. Dry warm summers (I have lost two trees in my garden this year from the drought). Mild wet winters. Once the hurricane season started in the Caribbean then the Atlantic storms have brought the rain to us. How will, or is it now, affecting our moth species. We are clearly seeing an increase in immigrants from more southerly and European climes and some of them are settling and breeding. How many of our established residents are on the decline due to climate change versus loss of habitat? The Monarch Butterfly has been turning up in the south west recently. Will American moth species turn up with the increased storm activity?


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2 Responses to September moths at Hollesley

  1. Neil says:

    Been catching moths but have no time to write about it!

  2. Raymond Watson says:

    I can imagine how you feel. I don’t also have a job to hold down but it is taking up such a lot of my time and I have been reducing the amount of moth-ing I do too. Have reached the 46% mark now though. There are quite a lot of suspicious records.

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