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A brace of Brindle

Hoping for a decent weather window to run the garden trap so far this year has been a bit like expecting to get prolonged close views of the American Bittern currently residing at SWT’s wonderful Carlton Marshes Reserve … highly … Continue reading

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Acleris sp – Any thoughts?

See below photo of the Acleris sp’ taken in the garden on 23 Mar which I thought might be a candidate for schalleriana. Have kept the moth just in case. Any thoughts?  

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Indoor Meet

An enjoyable indoor meeting yesterday with some interesting talks covering three local patches and mothing adventures further afield … in Ireland, France and Bulgaria/Greece. Special thanks to Neil for organising the day and for laying on the tea, coffee and … Continue reading

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Monochroa palustrellus

After a two-week pause due to the poor weather, the garden traps been back in action. Lunar, Large and Lesser Yellow U/wing make up most of the now limited catch, as does Set’ Hebrew Character. Black Rustic, Brown-spotted Pinion and … Continue reading

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Woolpit ‘VisMig’

To coin a birding phrase, last nights seemingly unpromising clear skies delivered a classic migrant moth in the form of a single Scarce Bordered Straw. It has been eleven years since this species last graced the garden trap – in … Continue reading

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Cosmet Quest

The “Cosmets” – or to describe them more correctly, the Cosmopterigidae – are a small group of mostly black, red and silver marked micro moths. The other thing they have in common is that I’ve not seen many of them. … Continue reading

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Just about working …

.. and that includes me in this heat! The title of this post actually refers to my umpteen year old set of clearwing pheromones. Monday’s are reverting back to work at the Hadleigh office again so I took the opportunity … Continue reading

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Toadflax Brocade in Woolpit

No photo yet but I was really chuffed to find a pristine Toadflax Brocade (Calophasia lunula) in the trap this morning. This has been on my radar as a potential addition to the garden list for some time now … … Continue reading

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‘Net’ gain …

Last night in Woolpit was less quantity, more quality. Just 35 sp. noted after the overnight downpour and this morning’s Blackbird raid but I will never tire of seeing Netted Pug (pic below). Last night’s moth also continues the trend … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here …

Well, I definitely can’t compete with the latest rare moth offering from Bawdsey … but congrats to Matthew all the same. Readers of Atropos Flight Arrivals or followers of Matthew’s twitter account will know what I’m referring too! Back on … Continue reading

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