Just about working …

.. and that includes me in this heat!

The title of this post actually refers to my umpteen year old set of clearwing pheromones. Monday’s are reverting back to work at the Hadleigh office again so I took the opportunity today to drag myself up the hill along Corks Lane to look for Six-belted Clearwing. I did see a few males but they didn’t hang around for long .. as clear a sign as any that I probably need to re-order some new lures for 2018. I also tried for Hornet Moth and Orange-tailed C/wing (there’s a Guelder Rose by the car park) but failed to attract anything other than a few odd looks from passers by!

Back home, and the trap has been predictably busy these past too nights. Nothing too out of the ordinary yet but Orange and Swallow-tail Moths are starting to appear, as is Green Silver-lines. I also took a single Fern last night which is less than annual here. Lots of micros and pyrals too. Just wish I could remember what they are from one night to the next. Can’t blame that on the heat though, its more old age ;-)


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