Woolpit ‘VisMig’

To coin a birding phrase, last nights seemingly unpromising clear skies delivered a classic migrant moth in the form of a single Scarce Bordered Straw. It has been eleven years since this species last graced the garden trap – in the classic autumn of 2006 when I took six individuals between 11 Sept and 21 Oct.¬†Otherwise, things have been pretty mundane with just two sightings of Rush Veneer, the odd Latticed Heath and a Hummingbird Hawk seen briefly nectaring in the garden on the evening of 23 Aug. As others may have reported elsewhere, Square-spot and Flounced Rustic are thin on the ground, while Set’ Hebrew Character seems to be doing quite well.

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  1. Neil says:

    Well done Paul, still waiting for one here this year! Seem to be flying over my site completely!

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