Season draws to a close at Purdis.

With the prospect of much colder weather arriving looks like the moth season is about to draw to a close for 2018 here. So here is the November news from my area.
Both the Oak rustic and White speck invasion failed to make it to my site despite a lot of trapping effort. I’m sure there will be other chances in future years with climate warming going on. Best night (in fact the best ever November night) was the 15th with 21sp seen. Previous best was 18sp. Only one migrant of note during the period, a Palpita vitrealis on the 15th. Rest of the moths seen pretty typical for the time of year here. Less common species included Diurnea lipsiella, Northern winter (4 seen), Scarce umber, Acleris logiana and Autumnal moth.


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