National Moth Night Data

National Moth Night Data must be recorded before 2nd December.

I have just uploaded one set of data on the Moth Night recording data sheets. In doing so I realised that there were two different recording sheets for moths. The other being found through Butterfly conservation web site. Having uploaded to the Moth Nights web site and then being shown a map of all sites uploaded so far, my other data set was not on it. There were also very few other sites in Suffolk. I have emailed the moth night info to ask if I have to re-load the first data set to their recording sheet.

I have now received a reply to the email.

If you record it on the general data recording sheet in Butterfly Conservation it does not get transfered as a record set for the National Moth Night.

I therefore have to re-enter that data onto the National Moth Nights recording data sheet.

As Neil points out there is very little data there at the moment for Suffolk.

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2 Responses to National Moth Night Data

  1. Neil says:

    No data from me this year as I was on holiday. Surprised to see so few Suffolk sites on the map, hopefully just that people haven’t sent in their records yet.

  2. Matthew Deans says:

    My data has now been entered. I was also lucky enough to win the prize for the rarest immigrant trapped – a Beautiful Marbled!

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