Clifden Nonpareil records needed.


Please see the message below. If any of you have been lucky enough to record any Clifdens in the last 2 years (and I know some of you have) it would be great if you could send me the details so I could add them to the ones I already know about. These ones are the record from the Suffolk moth group event at Hen reedbeds in 2017 and my own capture of one last year. I don’t yet have access to the database records from the last 2 years so if you have sent them in to Tony already I haven’t seen them yet.

Many thanks



Many apologies for the generic email, but I have sent this out to all county recorders.      In September of this year we have the 20th anniversary of Moth Night, with the theme species being the Clifden Nonpareil C. fraxini. We are researching the current distribution of this species in the UK and have been supplied by the NMRS with all the records/data up to the end of 2016.     The reason for my email is that I am hoping you can supply me with the additional data I need for 2017 and 2018 only (ideally in Excel spreadsheet format) to enable us to get a true idea of the species distribution. I appreciate some of you will have more records than others and some of you will possibly have none at all , but we would very much appreciate a reply either way – hopefully this request should not take up too much of your time.     Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to look into this me. I very much look forward to receiving your replies.     Best wishes     Scott Barron  Atropos

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