Jan, Feb and March 2019, Hollesley

Thank you for your report Paul.

Coastal catches tend to be a little slower than a few miles inland but better than central East Anglia. The weather has been variable with a mix of cold weather spells, warm days with cold night and some overall warm spells.

The few January moths were Early Moth, Winter Moth, Spring Usher, Chestnut and Dark Chestnut. Dotted Chestnut seems to appear from hibernation a lot latter and did not appear here until March. A mild spell in Mid-February brought out Acleris cristana, March Moth, Dotted Border, Pale Brindled Beauty and Oak Beauty. Orthosia species firsts were cruda on 16th, gothica on 17th, cerasi on 22nd and incerta on 23rd. March brought the Twin-spotted on 2nd, Powdered on 26th and Lead-coloured on 27th. Apart from the first two days March was cold until around 17th when from then some good mothing weather was found and some early emergences such as the Scorched Carpet on 21st and Nutmeg on 22nd. I had a good selection of Gracillarids during March, Calybites phasianipennella, Caloptilia semifascia, C. elongella and C. falconipennella which seems to be becoming quite frequent. As usual Agonopterix also come out of hibernation and I have had heracliana, alstromeriana, arenella, scopariella ocellana and curvipunctosa also becoming a regular. I took a further Acleris literana on 21st which has also been captured elsewhere on the Suffolk coast. This seems to beĀ  a regular immigrant now and bodes well for potential establishment at additional locations in Suffolk.


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