Just as a follow-up to Neil’s addendum to his post on 13th January. I tried out my new 7w UV LED bulb yesterday evening (5th Feb) in the nearby woodland. I set up 2 traps, my old 40w actinic and the new 7w UV LED about 50 meters apart. The LED performed the best with higher numbers. For example in the 1 and half hours I had them running (5.15 to 6.45) I recorded 37 Pale Brindled Beauty 12 of which came to the actinic and 25 to the LED which also attracted first Dotted Border of the year plus Chestnut and a few Spring Usher and Satellite. So, there were 32 moths at the LED and 17 at the actinic, but strangely enough not a single Tortricodes alternella.


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  1. Neil says:

    Have seen a small number of Tortricodes alternella here Brian. Interesting to see your results, will certainly be trying my LED again soon once there is a good window in the weather.

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