Some Heath’s, a Hedge and a Hummer

The ‘long hot dry‘ is over and there’s a distinct autumnal feel to the air. These past few weeks I’ve also noticed a drop in the number of sp’ visiting the garden trap. Underwings are still largely absent, so much so that the five caught on Wed night (22 Aug) was my single highest count this year! The same night also produced my first Centre-barred Sallow of the year, and a fourth garden record of Small Ranunculus. I also keep seeing a lonesome Toadflax Brocade larvae in the front garden, but have taken no adults this year. Of the trap highlights, there have been Dark Sword-grass (11 Aug), Latticed Heath (1 on 7 Aug and 2 on 19 Aug), a Hedge Rustic (19 Aug)  … which I’ve only just worked out is new to the site  … and a delightful Hummingbird Hawk-moth which spent a short time nectaring on the Red Valerian early on Tue evening (21 Aug). Still time perhaps for one more garden tick before the year is out but we shall see.

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  1. Neil says:

    I’ve only seen one adult Toadflax brocade this year Paul, but the larvae have been very common, including on plants very close to where I run traps. Guess they are a bit shy of light traps? Similar for Small ranunculus as well, had a lot of larvae of that species close to light traps too a few years ago but none caught.

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