Which Dioryctria sp?

Am struggling with this one. Think it might be Dioryctia abietella .. which would only be third garden record. Moth was taken on Mon 6 August and is still in the fridge just in case!

Q abietella (W) 6Aug18

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  1. Allan Eaton says:

    Hi Paul , Looks like A. oblitella to me. regards Allan

  2. paulb says:

    Thanks Allan. Did say I was struggling. A species I’ve only knowingly seen twice before, in 2008 and then, perhaps more embarrasingly, just a week or so before when visiting the Bawdsey traps with Matthew. Perhaps I should have paid more attention! Still, am not complaining as new to the garden and possibly new to VC26 West Suffolk :-)

  3. Raymond Watson says:

    Ancylosis oblitella has become very common recently. Whilst supposedly once restricted to the coast it is not surprising you might find it. There is a big size difference between it and Dioryctria species. The second brood seems to be most prolific.

  4. Neil says:

    The moth is having a very good year on the coast according to the recorders I have spoken to who trap there. I’ve had a few at my site 10 miles inland too, only about 3 records before this year. Another moth wandering around in the hot weather this summer. Good record, could well be the first West Suffolk record.

  5. paulb says:

    Thanks for additonal info. Unofficially, it becomes species no. 678 for the garden.

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