amethystinella reaches Woolpit

In his posting from May 2017 Neil drew attention to a sp’ that was on the move. He also suggested we keep an eye for … “any large metallic green Coleophora in our traps”.

Sunday just gone (27 May) was a relatively quiet night in the garden trap (haven’t they all been!) but at least I beat the Blackbirds this time and, in the half-light, potted up a moth that was just about to take its leave. Looking at it through a hand-lens later on I was surprised to see what appeared to be a patch of orange scales under the eye. A check of the books and exchange of text messages with Neil confirmed my suspicion that I had the latest addition to the garden list … Coleophora amethystinella. 

C. amethystinella (Woolpit 27 May 18)

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2 Responses to amethystinella reaches Woolpit

  1. Paul Kitchener says:

    Well done Paul. I’ve trapped another in my Ipswich garden this year, on 23 May.

  2. paulb says:

    Thanks Paul. No more seen this week so still looking like a ‘one-off’ for me.

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