Box Tree moth arrives at IGC.

I trapped a typical form Box Tree moth Cydalima perspectalis last night (7th September) in my garden MV. My first site record of this species and I’m sure it won’t be the last going on the sightings of this moth in London for example that I’ve seen on the web recently.
I know that Matthew has taken this moth at Bawdsey both last year and this year and I was wondering if there have been any other sightings in Suffolk by other recorders. I believe Tony is planning to write an article on this moth for the Butterfly conservation local branch newsletter so any other records will be important to report.
This blog is also going out as a warning to watch out for the moth, especially in the Ipswich area as there will be plenty of foodplant for it in the urban landscape. Coincidentally I do have a small Box bush in my mixed hedge, did it draw the moth in?


The IGC Box tree moth

The IGC Box tree moth

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2 Responses to Box Tree moth arrives at IGC.

  1. Raymond Watson says:

    I think you are right about it not being your last. It looks to become a problem pest. Not got one anywhere I trap yet but haven’t been very active recently.

  2. Raymond Watson says:

    There’s another moth that seems to be turning up regularly in small numbers across East Anglia too, Dewick’s Plusia. Wondering if that might be establishing?

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