Late August Hollesley

Just catching at home during this period and with moth numbers relatively low though there are immigrants around. Shall probably branch out a little locally to try and capture the Butterbur that is in flight now.

Setaceous Hebrew Character seems to have taken its place as the most abundant moth species recently replacing a short lived peak of Turnip. As others have reported the Latticed Heath has been common as too has the Brimstone here. Also been catching a few Small Dusty Wave at light as I did last autumn. A moth that is often thought not to come to light does seem to do so during late summer/autumn. Also taken 2 Old Ladys at light too. Some interest in second brood emergence of Chrysoteuchia culmella, Heart and Dart, White Ermine and Buff Ermine. Cypress Pug turns up in low numbers regularly and Ancylosis oblitella is still going strong with another Pyrale , Nyctegretis lineana as a first for me. Three specimens caught so far. It has been a very good year for this family for me.

Immigrants have been regulars in this period. Short of listing them, I have not taken anything exceptional, but in common with others the Scarce Bordered Straw has been particularly common, very few Plutella xylostella and only one Vestal so far but also one Evergestis limbata that I put down as an immigrant individual. The reason being that I saw a local second brood some considerable time back.

Late August Blog 2017

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