August in the slow lane…

A very quiet August here near Halesworth. No migrants until the last week or so when things kicked off with a flurry of migrant hawker dragonflies and a couple of painted ladies in the garden, but no hummers or even Silver Ys. Nothing unexpected in the garden MV. Over the last week I’ve had 7 scarce bordered straws, a few rush veneer and dark sword-grass, and yesterday morning (27th) a small mottled willow.

Took the grandchildren down to Southwold beach yesterday and found a cypress pug sitting on the toilet-block window. Not sure how excited I should be about this but I thought I’d share it with you; over the years, toilet blocks (i.e. their lights!) seem to have figured large in my moth-hunting adventures.

Tony H.

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  1. Neil says:

    Migrants have been very few and far between in my traps here in Ipswich. Only odd Silver Y, Dark sword-grass, Vestal etc. One sighting of Hummingbird hawk. Not had any Scarce bordered straw here at all. I think most of these species have been breeding over here during the summer rather than coming over from Europe.
    Cypress pug is still scarce in Suffolk so a good record. I too have found moths around public toilet blocks over the years. Normally the best species are in the ladies so it helps to have a female companion with you armed with a pot or two to procure them!

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