June in Mendlesham Green

Wood Sage Plume 21 June Orange Moth Large Tabby Kent Black Arches 21 JuneEncouraged by Neil asking for comments on other June records , I thought I’d put a few jottings down on what was a bumper month for my garden records.

Firstly, as has been universally noted, everything seems to be 2 to 3 weeks early; Orange Moth is a regular for me but the earliest I have had it before has been 04/07. My first for 2017 was 16/06  (also the form corylaria has outnumbered those of a more conventional appearance by about 2 to 1).

In terms of numbers, looking back on the 15 years of garden trapping, my average number of spp for june has been 137, with the highest being 183 in 2009. This year, the June total was 214. The number of trapping nights is also relatively consistant, with these 214 from just 7 tapping nights (I never trap on consecutive nights to give the catch an opportunity to do their mothy thing on the next night; I firmly believe that what we do as an enjoyable hobby should have as minimal impact on their lives as practical. For the same reasons, Cnephasia and Coleophs tend to go unidentified).

Several scarce (for me) spp turned up. Blue-bordered Carpet and Rosy Footman may be relatively common in the right places but were new for the garden, as was Wood Sage Plume¬†Capperia britanniodactyla. Kent Black Arches was a second record, following a first in 2009. There was also a few L-album Wainscot, with a max of 3 on one night, whereas I had only previously recorded a singleton in 2011. Clearly, there was a lot of ‘wandering’ going on. Pine, Eyed, and Lime Hawks were also in evidence after a few years’ absence. Unfortunately, the first of these instead of diving for the nearest cover, decided to attempt to out-fly a starling sat on our roof and suffered a predictable consequence.

Finally, there was a Large Tabby on one of the beams in the house and another on the same night in the (fortunately empty) bath. This is after just 3 previous records, with the last in 2012.

Finally, finally, I would like to say a public ‘thank you’ to Neil for his help with my Idents! So, ‘Thank you, Neil’.

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