June moths at home in Hollesley

Managed to find an opportunity to run through my records for my home and gather together a report. There is a great deal I could say and I am sure everyone else has found this June exceptionally good so I shall keep it relatively brief.

Overall high numbers in the catches reaching the usually July peaks of around 200 species. I had often thought ‘so and so’ hasn’t turned up yet and then remembered it was only June. Poor on grass moths here this year. Tons of Yponomeuta evonymella. Marbled Minor has done very well in contrast to the Tawny Marbled and also had a few Rufous. Buff Footman in abundance in contrast to last year and Dingy only just arrived. A small number of Nemapogon ruricolella¬† Nematopogon metaxella¬† and my first Glyphipterix thrasonella. Delighted to finally pick up Anarsia innoxiella. Two in the same catch. A Dichrorampha plumbana was my first and puts my Dichrorampha up to 9 species at home. The other scarce one was a D. aeratana in 2012. Both confirmed by dissection but the D. plumbana was identified from the moth initially. Dark but very attractive. As is Gypsonoma minutana. Whenever I catch this moth I am in awe of its beauty. Cydia inquinatana has been caught throughout June. Up to 6 per catch and present in 9 out of 17 catches for the entire month. Some variation has been noted, with white scales especially in the distal third. As my Pug identification improves I have added the Larch Pug to my site list. Two captured so far. Rosy Wave turning up and a Cypress Carpet first brood. The first time I have caught one in summer. Some less common Pyrales have included Assara terebrella, Ancylosis oblitella and Ortholepis betulae (possibly immigrant as two coincident with other immigrants)

And on the immigrant front, no Hawk-moths for me yet but I did get the spectacular Orache Moth on 25th. I also took a noctuid on that date which remains unidentified. If it turns out something good I will post it. All the ‘routine’ immigrants plus some that are not such as Ethmia dodecea and Ethmia quadrillella and a Grass Rivulet on the 9th. Probably missed a lot of interest out but that will do for now. What will July bring? Wishing everyone good mothing.

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  1. Neil says:

    Different here Raymond – grass moths have been abundant here. However the normally abundant Tortrix viridana has been in lower the normal numbers.

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