Early April moths, Hollesley and around.

As others have found, April has continued the good start to 2017., though not every night has proved successful. I visited Bromeswell Green on 5th that was forecasted as a warm cloudy night and turned out clear and moonlit with a frost at dawn. There seemed to have been a number of such nights. I did have a good catch at Tangham on 13th however. I was shown around the local private nature reserve, The Patch, on 11th by its owner. I ran the two traps I use away from home on that night and 15th. I was a little disappointed by not finding more Butterbur on The Patch than that already seen beside the highway. The highway verge Butterbur is vulnerable so I shall be looking around for other location for the plant. Lots of Alder on the site though so I was hoping to catch Caloptilia falconipennella, as I have now clocked up 4 at home this year. Phyllonorycter rajella and C. elongella but no C. falconipennella. My first Hook-tip of the year was a Scalloped at Tangham. Not common at home where the Oak or Pebble have yet to show. Grey Pine Carpet there too along with an Early Tooth-striped. I have yet to get an Early Tooth-striped at home though have found it at Hollesley Marshes. So keeping my fingers crossed. At home, Great Prominent seems to be having a good year, as too is the Frosted Green. Acleris cristana still coming in and a third Dotted Chestnut for the year on 14th.. March Moth still in good condition right up to 15th along with more summer species such as Brimstone, Chinese Character, Shuttle-shaped Dart and Nutmeg. Lesser Swallow Prominent flying towards the middle of April with one Pebble Prominent at The Patch on 15th where a Pale Pinion also turned up. Only low numbers of Dyseriocrania subpurpurella at any of my sites and no other Eriocranids yet. Elachista canapennella 12th onwards with a E. apicipunctella at The Patch on 15th along with the first Scrobipalpa acuminatella of the year. The biggest surprise first of the year however was for Coleophora. That honour is usually taken by C. albicosta but this year it went to C. otidipennella. I have taken this moth at sites in the Tangham and Rendlesham Forests but this was at home on 13th. A new site record. My photos are evidential and not up for prizes!

Early April

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