Moth night part 1 9th June – Big disappointment.

A poor first Moth night here at IGC. 2 traps run up in the woods only 36sp, only thing of minor note was the first record of Brindled white spot for the year. Not even many xylostella, only 3! No hawkmoths.
Cool and clear conditions didn’t help. Looking a bit more promising tonight.


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  1. Raymond Watson says:

    Yes a sad start wasn’t it. It turned colder than expected and put moths off flying. I went out to Captain’s Wood as well as at home. Poor collection there. No Hawk-moths and 48 species from 2 traps. Did get my second ever Elachista atricomella though. Made me think of waiting for a bus then 3 turn up so hoping for one at home soon!
    At home there was a total species count of 35 from two traps but did get some Hawk-moths. One Elephant and six Poplar (regularly common).

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