Ipswich Moths and some leaf-mines

Nothing too much to report from my garden trap – it starts going quiet at this time of year. Square-spot Rustics are now out in force while Straw Underwing seems to have faded away. Feathered Ranunculus, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Large Yellow Underwing, Vine’s Rustic all present in reasonable numbers. Most common moth in my trap for most of the year is Epiphyas postvittana and numbers show no sign of dwindling at the moment. A couple of species of particular note from this week were Cochylis molliculana and Schreckensteinia festaliella. I’ve had the latter before in 2009 and I’ll probably check the bramble clump at the bottom of the garden for the larvae a bit later.

I was out at Wissington doing some leaf-miner recording yesterday – a little early for large numbers of species but I did find some cones of Caloptilia semifascia and mines of Ectoedemia spinicolella. E. spinicolella tends to be coastal but this is the second time I’ve found the species in this part of the county, definitely not coastal but not far from the river.


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