A quiet night but with a few nice moths.

Quieter night than last week’s busy traps. Ran 2 lights in the wetland area on the course where the White-mantled wainscot colony has been present for the last few years, to see if it is still going. It was a successful search, but with a twist. Found a White-mantled wainscot, but unfortunately it was dead, trapped in a spider’s web next to one of the traps! Still, good to know the population is still present. Other species of possible interest included Gelechia muscosella (another species noted in previous years at this spot), Ypsolopha dentella, Bordered beauty (2), Evergestis extimalis, Shaded fan-foot (2, seem late to me), Monochroa palustrella and Dotted fan foot. Also first year records for the site of Canary-shouldered thorn and Straw underwing, showing the summer is now starting to draw to a close. 92sp in total, with low numbers of moths caught, much lower than I expected given the temperature but I guess the rain during the day had an effect, certainly quite a few of the moths looked quite worn.


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