Leaf miner field meeting Sunday 13th October.

A forecast with the chance of rain is not the best weather for getting out in the field for recording but as I’ve been stuck in front of the computer for too many hours recently was nice just to get out. In the end the rain arrived as predicted at lunchtime, a shame, as it meant the visit to a second site was called off.
Only 3 other recorders plus myself turned out for the meeting. The aim was to primarily search the Poplar and Willow trees to see if we could note the scarcer species associated with them. The relatively new arrival to the UK Phyllonorycter pastorella was one of the hoped for species (on long-leaved Willows), but, sadly, we failed to locate it.
Just over 40sp were recorded, a little less than expected. Some species of tree seemed totally devoid of any mines for reasons unknown. Species of interest included Phyllonorycter comparella (mine on Grey poplar, a scarce species mostly found in west Suffolk at present), Phyllocnistis saligna and xenia (on Crack willow and Grey poplar respectively), Ectoedemia hannoverella (on fallen Black poplar hybrid leaves), Phyllonorycter strigulatella (mines on Italian alder) and a Maiden’s blush larva on Oak.

So the field meetings season has now drawn to a close for another year. Watch this space for news on the group’s annual indoor meeting early in the spring next year – planning for this will begin in the very near future.


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