Leaf miner recording day – 22nd October.

8 recorders attended this meeting, the last of the field season for 2017. Not the warmest of days and a bit of a breeze blowing. The day started at Reydon wood, a SWT reserve with a reasonable mix of tree species. Was nice and sheltered within the wood so we were able to record a good range of species.  64 were noted. Of possible interest were the following.
Caloptilia semifascia (cones on Maple), Coleophora gryphipennella (cases on Dog rose), Coleophora solitariella (case on Greater stitchwort), Parornix betulae (folds on young Birch), Ectoedemia septembrella (mines on St John’s wort), Diurnea fagella (larva on Oak) and Infurcitinea argentimaculella (larval tubes on lichen at base of Birch tree). Best record were the mines of Elachista gangabella found on False brome grass near the wood entrance, the first modern record of this species for Suffolk.
After lunch at a local pub for some, a few of the recorders moved on to Beccles marsh for another survey. The weather had worsened a bit, with rain showers and stronger breeze which made recording on this more open site difficult. 38sp were found, with the following of possible interest. Tawny speckled pug (larva on Yarrow seedheads), Coleophora albitarsella (case on Ground ivy), Stigmella regiella (on Hawthorn), Coleophora artemisicolella (feeding signs on Mugwort, no sign of the cases), Coleophora follicularis (case on Fleabane).
Overall a good day’s recording despite some challenging weather.


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