Chalk Lane wander 1st July 2017.

A few of us went for a bit of daytime surveying along the Chalk Lane in the King’s forest on Saturday late morning/early pm. No real targets, we were happy just to find anything!
Was warm and sunny if a little cloudy at times. Butterflies abundant on the numerous wildflowers and of course we found some moths. Some of interest too, especially the micros.
Best macro was a slightly worn Tawny wave. We also had Fox moth (larva), Hummingbird hawk (2 feeding at Viper’s bugloss) and a Blackneck. Micros included Marasmarcha lunaedactyla, Delplanqueia dilutella (or inscriptella), Gillmeria pallidactyla (Yarrow plume) and Syncopacma taeniolella.
A quick visit to Barton Mills afterwards didn’t produce the hoped for Orange-tailed clearwing sadly. Would have been a good finish to the day.


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