‘British Moths’ by Chris Manley 2nd edition – Corrections and updates

I know many people in the moth world have got this book, so thought it would be useful to post a copy of the message I recieved from the author regarding a web site where corrections and updates can be viewed. See below.



On Christmas Eve my very kind daughter-in-law presented me with a new website at www.chrismanley.co.uk

This mainly relates to moths, where you can buy books and apps.
Specifically for those who already have the 2nd edition, there is my Excel running list, kept for any future reprint, of errors, corrections, improvements, new species, etc. There is also a PDF of images which can be downloaded, printed and pasted into the book.
I’m hoping these will be useful as it is often hard to find out about errors and updates for reference books. If you do find it helpful please feel free to mention it on Facebook etc. as, of course, I have no way of directly contacting everyone who has been good enough to buy the book!
Additionally on the site you will see that I am running in the London Marathon 2016 raising funds for Plantlife, They do wonderful work conserving our wild plants and, crucially, their habitats which helps all wildlife, particularly including moths and butterflies. There is a link to follow my progress if you wish.
Best wishes, Happy New Year
Chris Manley

PS. There is a review in Atropos just published pointing out a few errors which I shall address shortly.

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