SMG Moth Night at Dunwich Forest – 25th May 2012

Quite a few people turned up for this meeting that was aimed at checking the continuing status of the Devon Carpet at the site. There have been some concerns that over-grazing may have had an adverse impact on the habitat and foodplant of the moth at its known site. Nine lights of a mix of MV and actinic were spread out alongside the track.

Activity was a bit on the slow side but we eventually recorded over fifty species and there were good numbers of Flame Wainscot in several of the traps. Other species of note included Great Prominent, Reed Dagger, Flame Carpet, Orange Footman, Dark Spectacle, Ochreous Pug, Metendothenia atropunctana, Ancylis upupana and Acleris logiana.

However, no sign of Devon Carpet which is a bit worrying but I’d not like to draw any firm conclusions until we’d visited the site on a more favourable night.



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