The Moths of Suffolk
2357 Large Ear, Amphipoea lucens, (Freyer, 1845)

National Status : Local

Local Status : Immigrant (SMP Status 4)

Habitats : Wet acid moorland amd marshes

Flight Period : Single-brooded; August to September

Larval foodplants : Purple Moor-grass and Common Cottongrass

Records : Landguard (N Odin, 2001, det B Goodey), Eye (P Kitchener, 28.vii.2004, gen. det.)

Morley's Final Catalogue : Large Ear had only recently been distinguished from other Ear species in Morley's time and is not listed as Suffolk

Wingspan details : Forewing 14-17mm, Wingspan 30-36mm


Confusion species
    AdultCommon Rustic, Mesapamea secalis
Saltern Ear, Amphipoea fucosa
Crinan Ear, Amphipoea crinanensis
Ear Moth, Amphipoea oculea
Crescent, Celaena leucostigma

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Mid Wales (6.viii.2005) © M Deans

Flight chart
100 100 100

Life history chart
ova ova ova ova larva larva larvapupa pupaimago imago ova ova ova

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Mid Wales (6.viii.2005) © Lee Gregory
Tromiebridge meadows Insh Marshes RSPB reserve, Inverness-shire (5.ix.2012) © Neil Sherman