The Moths of Suffolk
2262 Brick, Agrochola circellaris, (Hufnagel, 1766)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 2)

Distribution and abundance : Widespread and common

Habitats : Broadleaved woodland, scrub, parkland and gardens

Flight Period : Single-brooded; September to early December

Larval foodplants : Wych Elm, Aspen, poplars, sallows, Ash

Morley's Final Catalogue : Abundant on sugar and ivy-blossom everywhere from Bentley to Burgh Castle. At Fritton on sallow in April 1935.

Wingspan details : Forewing 14-19mm, Wingspan 34-44mm


Confusion species
    AdultYellow-line Quaker, Agrochola macilenta
Dusky-lemon Sallow, Xanthia gilvago
Pale-lemon Sallow, Xanthia ocellaris

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Eye (24.x.2000) © Paul Kitchener

Flight chart
87 100 80 2

Life history chart
ova ova ova larva larva larva larval diapausepupa pupaimago imago imago ova ova

Further Photographs

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Ipswich, Suffolk (ix.2003) © N Sherman
Raised from small larva found on fallen hybrid Poplar catkins - Purdis farm, Suffolk (iv.2008) © Neil Sherman
Ipswich, Suffolk (21.ix.2009) © Neil Sherman
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Feeding on Ivy blossom - Ipswich, Suffolk (14.x.2013) © Neil Sherman