The Moths of Suffolk
2204 Obscure Wainscot, Mythimna obsoleta, (Hübner, 1803)

National Status : Local

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 4)

Distribution and abundance : Scarce

Habitats : Reedbeds, fens, marshes, riversides, estuaries and reedy margins of ponds and lakes

Flight Period : Single-brooded; literature mid-May to mid-July

Larval foodplants : Common Reed

Records : St Olaves (H Jenner, 1987 & 1988), Needham Market (C W Pierce, 1970), Landguard (N Odin, 1997), Bawdsey (M Deans,,,

Morley's Final Catalogue : One at Lowestoft in 1903 by A. E. Tonge (EMM. 1904, 80). One at Hemley in 1908 (Wlr). Tuddenham Fen about 1900, captured by the late E. J. G. Sparke (in coll. Morley).

Wingspan details : Forewing 15-18mm, Wingspan 36-40mm


Confusion species
    AdultSouthern Wainscot, Mythimna straminea
Smoky Wainscot, Mythimna impura
L-album Wainscot, Mythimna l-album
Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Mythimna comma
Devonshire Wainscot, Mythimna putrescens

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Bawdsey, Suffolk ( © Matthew Deans

Life history chart
larval diapause larval diapause larval diapause larval diapausepupa pupaimago imago ovalarvaimago larva larva larva larval diapause larval diapause

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Bawdsey, Suffolk ( © Matthew Deans
Danube delta, Romania (v.2007) © Neil Sherman