The Moths of Suffolk
1927 Brindled Beauty, Lycia hirtaria, (Clerck, 1759)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 2)

Distribution and abundance : Widespread but infrequent

Habitats : Broad-leaved woodland, scrub, heathland and gardens

Flight Period : Single-brooded; March to late May, occasional records in June and July

Larval foodplants : Various broad-leaved trees and shrubs

Morley's Final Catalogue : Supposed to be generally distributed, but few records. Common at Ipswich lights in 1893, and bred there as early as 5 Feb. (Mly). Once at Higham near Bury (Norgate). Gorleston (D).

Wingspan details : Forewing 19-23mm, Wingspan 42-52mm


Confusion species
    AdultSmall Brindled Beauty, Apocheima hispidaria
Pale Brindled Beauty, Phigalia pilosaria

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Ipswich, Suffolk (iv.2003) © N Sherman

Flight chart
8 100 86 3

Life history chart
pupa pupa imago ovaimago larva larva larva pupa pupa pupa pupa pupa

Further Photographs

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Inverness-shire (10.iv.2004) © L Gregory
Ipswich, Suffolk (9.iv.2010) © Neil Sherman