The Moths of Suffolk
1899 Frosted Yellow, Isturgia limbaria, (Fabricius, 1775)

National Status : Former resident; presumed extinct

Habitats : Scrubby areas and railway embankments

Flight Period : Double-brooded; May to early June and late July to August

Larval foodplants : Broom

Morley's Final Catalogue : Extinct; its last British home was in Suffolk. First described from Kentish specimens in 1775 (cf. also Substitute 1857, p. 159); Stowmarket (Shield's Hints 1855, 78; Ent. Ann. 47, &c.); Scotland (Stn. Manual 1856, &c); Creeting near Needham in 1865 (EMM. 1866, 208). Barham about 1867 (Bloomfield 1890, 29), and Ipswich (Ent. 1868, 331). Essex in 1867 (Ent. Ann. 119). Barrett's Devon and Meyrick's Norfolk records are erroneous, as also is King's (Naturalist 1858, 61) from Raydon. The final specimens were captured 'near Stowmarket' by Mr. Percy C. Reid in 1911 (Gilles, in lit. Jan. 1933; cf. EMM. lxix, 32). Probably a salt-estuarine species, like Leptomeris rubiginata above.

Wingspan details : Forewing 13-15mm, Wingspan 26-30mm


Confusion species : None

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France (vi.2003) © N Sherman

Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa pupa imago ovaimago larva pupaimago ovalarvaimago pupa pupa pupa

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Ipswich Museum Collection - Bred 26-05-1913 C.G. Nurse - Ipswich, Suffolk (2012) © Neil Sherman