The Moths of Suffolk
1844 Ochreous Pug, Eupithecia indigata, (Hübner, 1813)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Localised mainly to Sandlings and Brecks

Habitats : Coniferous plantations and other areas where conifers grow, including heathland

Flight Period : Single-brooded; May to mid-July

Larval foodplants : Scots Pine, also Lodgepole Pine and larch, and other conifers

Morley's Final Catalogue : Of similar distribution to the last kind (Triple-spotted Pug), though feeding on Coniferae. Bentley in May 1894 (Hkg); Ipswich (Ml). Worlingham (Crf). Brandon.(Warren, Vivian); Tuddenham in 1903 (Mly).

Wingspan details : Forewing 8-10mm, Wingspan 15-18mm


Confusion species
    AdultThyme Pug, Eupithecia distinctaria

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Rendlesham, Suffolk (v.2004) © N Sherman

Flight chart
10 100 21 7

Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa imago imago ova larva larva larvapupa pupa pupa pupa