The Moths of Suffolk
1834 Common Pug, Eupithecia vulgata, (Haworth, 1809)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 1)

Distribution and abundance : Widespread and very common

Habitats : In a wide variety, including woodland, scrub, heathland, fens and gardens

Flight Period : Double-brooded; mid-April to early July and mid-July to August

Larval foodplants : Leaves of various broadleaved trees, hawthorn, sallow and flowers and leaves of various low-growing plants

Morley's Final Catalogue : By far the most ubiquitous species of the genus, constantly turning up everywhere from Bentley Woods to Gorleston; frequent at light in Monks Soham and Sibton.

Wingspan details : Forewing 10-12mm, Wingspan 18-21mm


Confusion species
    AdultValerian Pug, Eupithecia valerianataTriple-spotted Pug, Eupithecia trisignaria
Freyer's Pug, Eupithecia intricataSatyr Pug, Eupithecia satyrata
Wormwood Pug, Eupithecia absinthiataGrey Pug, Eupithecia subfuscata
Tawny Speckled Pug, Eupithecia icterata

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Ipswich, Suffolk (v.2004) © N Sherman

Flight chart
3 83 100 10 13

Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa pupa imago ovalarvaimago larvapupa ovapupaimago larva larva pupa pupa

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Ipswich, Suffolk (7.v.2009) © Neil Sherman
ssp. scotica - Dalwhinnie, Inverness-shire (11.v.2014) © Neil Sherman