The Moths of Suffolk
1791 Brown Scallop, Philereme vetulata, (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

National Status : Local

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Scarce, restricted mainly to the Brecks, but may appear in numbers where present

Habitats : Woodland, scrub and hedgerows, on chalky soils

Flight Period : Single-brooded; late June to July

Larval foodplants : Buckthorn

Records : Barnhamcross Common (SMG, 2002), Mildenhall (SMG, 19.vii.2002), West Stow (R Eley, 1991), Culford (P Cardy, 1988), Cavenham (D Coleman, 14.vii.1994), Barton Mills (J Chainey, 6.vii.1991), Lakenheath Fen (J Clifton, 22.vii.2000), Santon Downham (J Chainey & J Spence, 28.vii.2001), Brandon (G Austin, 8.vii.2001); Lineage Wood (A Prichard & G Bull, 13.vii.2001), Nowton (R Eley, 2002), Sicklesmere (S Dumican, 15.vii.2002), Elveden (S Dumican, 6.vii.2002 &; P Sterling, 15.vii.2004; G Finch, 2007), Eye (P Kitchener, 9.vii.2003 & 11.vii.2004), Thetford (A Musgrove, 9.vii.2003), Euston (S Dumican, vii.2005), Nowton (R Eley, 2006)

Morley's Final Catalogue : Quite a rare moth in Suffolk, where Buckthorn is none too common. Recorded from only Aldeburgh (Hele, needs confirmation ); Beccles (Crf), Needham and Stowmarket. Unnoticed since 1890.

Wingspan details : Forewing 13-16mm, Wingspan 26-32mm


Confusion species
    AdultDark Umber, Philereme transversata

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ex larva - Lakenheath, Suffolk (19.v.2013) © A Prichard

Flight chart
37 100

Life history chart
ova ova ova ova larva larvapupa imago ova ova ova ova ova

Further Photographs

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Eye, Suffolk ( © Paul Kitchener
Barnhamcross common, Suffolk (10.vii.2009) © Neil Sherman
Bawdsey, Suffolk (13.vii.2010) © Matthew Deans
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Found on Buckthorn - Barnhamcross common, Suffolk ( © Neil Sherman
Wordwell, Kings forest, Suffolk ( © Neil Sherman