The Moths of Suffolk
1724 Red Twin-spot Carpet, Xanthorhoe spadicearia, (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 1)

Distribution and abundance : Widespread and common

Habitats : Wide variety, including fens, heathland, woodland, grassland, scrub and gardens

Flight Period : Double-brooded; mid-April to June and late July to mid-September

Larval foodplants : A wide range of herbaceous plants

Comments : Care must be taken to distinguish this species from Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet

Morley's Final Catalogue : Constantly beaten from every hedge in the County, from Nayland to Gorleston.

Wingspan details : Forewing 12-13mm, Wingspan 24-27mm


Confusion species
    AdultDark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Xanthorhoe ferrugata

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Ramparts Field, Suffolk (10.viii.2005) © Lee Gregory

Flight chart
8 86 6 100 79 2

Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa pupa pupaimago ovalarvaimago larvapupaimago ovaimago larva pupa pupa pupa

Further Photographs

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Dark barred individual - Wyken Wood, Suffolk (27.v.2005) © Lee Gregory
Ipswich, Suffolk (14.viii.2012) © Neil Sherman