The Moths of Suffolk
1662 Light Orange Underwing, Archiearis notha, (Hübner, 1803)

National Status : Notable Nb

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 4)

Distribution and abundance : Only known from a single locality in the county.

Habitats : Open woodland containing aspen

Flight Period : Single-brooded; late March to April

Larval foodplants : Aspen (Populus tremula)

Records : Wolves Wood (various, 1998 - 2008)

Comments : Since its discovery at Wolves Wood in 1998 by Neil Sherman this species has been regularly monitored at its only known site. The population appears to be stable and may in fact be spreading to other areas of younger aspen in the wood. Searches for this species in other nearby woods that contain aspen have proved negative.

Morley's Final Catalogue : Less common than the last species (Orange Underwing); apparently confined to clay woods, containing much sallow, in south-centre of the County. Stowmarket (B, Ent. Wk. Intell. ii, 1857, 28) and larva there (C, l.c. iv, 1858, 51). A pair flying, in cop., about Ipswich on 27 March 1861 (Tim.Last, l.c. x, 27). Abundant in Raydon Wood in 1930 (Trans. ii, 83) and March 1894 (Mly; cf. Ent. Rec.xi, 135), and then not found about Bentley, whence it had been earlier recorded and where it recurred in 1934-5 (Trans. ii,. p.cliv). Needham and Kesgrave before 1890.

Wingspan details : Forewing 15-17mm, Wingspan 33-36mm


Confusion species
    AdultOrange Underwing, Archiearis parthenias

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Wolves Wood (iii.2003) © M Deans

Flight chart
100 53

Life history chart
pupa pupa pupaimago ovaimago larva larva pupa pupa pupa pupa pupa pupa

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Wolves Wood, Suffolk (iii.2004) © N Sherman
Underside - Wolves Wood, Suffolk (iii.2004) © N Sherman
Wolves Wood (13.iv.2002) © L Gregory