The Moths of Suffolk
1473 Ephestia elutella, Cacao Moth, (Hübner, 1796)

National Status : Synanthropic

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 4)

Distribution and abundance : Rare

Habitats : warehouses and storage buildings

Flight Period : On the wing from June to October, with peak emergence in July to August

Larval foodplants : various stored food materials

Morley's Final Catalogue : At light in towns, to which it is attracted from grocers warehouses everywhere (Trans. ii, 296) :- Ipswich in great numbers (Pyett), and at electric light during 1895-8 (Mly); Felixstow in July 1902 (Gibbs); Hemley (Wlr); Monks Soham (Mly); Lowestoft (l.c. ii, 186; Crf), Beccles (Ctw).

Wingspan details : Wingspan 14-20mm


Confusion species
    AdultEphestia parasitella
Ephestia cautella, Dried Currant Moth
Ephestia figulilella, Raisin Moth
Ephestia calidella, Dried Fruit Moth

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Life history chart
larva larva larva larvapupa pupa pupaimago imago larvaimago larvaimago larvaimago larva larva