The Moths of Suffolk
1420 Aglossa caprealis, Small Tabby, (Hübner, 1809)

National Status : pRDB2

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 4)

Distribution and abundance : Scarce

Habitats : Outhouses, stables and barns

Flight Period : Single-brooded; July to August

Larval foodplants : vegetable debris, wheat stacks, ricks and thatch

Records : Mendlesham (S Woolnough, Ringshall (A Toomey, vii.2004)

Morley's Final Catalogue : Extremely locally common only, among chaff and maize. Whitton and Bramford (Garrett, before 1890). Common in one stable at Wixhoe and in another at Clare-Stoke (Fitch, Trans. Ent. Soc., Dec. 1883).

Wingspan details : Wingspan 23-27mm


Confusion species
    AdultAglossa pinguinalis, Large Tabby
Aglossa ocellalis

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Flight chart
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Life history chart
larva larva larva larva larva pupa pupaimago ovalarva larva larva larva larva