The Moths of Suffolk
1322 Pediasia fascelinella, (Hübner, 1813)

National Status : pRDB3

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Scarce, at coastal sites

Habitats : Coastal sandhills

Flight Period : Single-brooded; mid-June to July

Larval foodplants : various sandhill grasses, on the roots

Records : Thorpeness (H E Chipperfield, vii.1963; J M Chalmers-Hunt, S Wakeley, H E Chipperfield, 1964; R M Mere, GC Pelham-Clinton, vii.1965), Bawdsey (M Deans, 22.vii.2004), Dunwich Heath (M Cornish,, Landguard (N Odin & M Marsh, 1997 & 2001), Minsmere (J Chainey & J Spence, 25.vii.1997), Felixstowe (C A Pyett & A E Gibbs, 1902)

Morley's Final Catalogue : On the coast at Felixstow in July 1902 (Gibbs, Pyett). Previously known in Britain only from the coast north of Yarmouth.

Wingspan details : Wingspan 24-30mm


Confusion species : None

Flight chart
33 100

Life history chart
larva larva larva larva larva larvapupa pupaimago imago larva larva larva larva