The Moths of Suffolk
1321 Thisanotia chrysonuchella, (Scopoli, 1763)

National Status : Nationally Scarce B

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Local, restricted in the main to the Brecks

Habitats : Grassland

Flight Period : Single-brooded; mid-May to mid-June

Larval foodplants : Sheep's Fescue (Festuca ovina) and other grasses, on the stem bases

Morley's Final Catalogue : A south English species, extending north to only Norfolk. Excepting a single individual that was captured at Ipswich in 1896 (Pyett), this moth occurs here solely on the chalk-sands of the Breck (Bernard Harwood) where it is abundant in late May at Freckenham, Eriswell (Mly), Elveden (Williams), Tuddenham (Wm), Brandon (Barrett), &c.

Wingspan details : Wingspan 23-26mm


Confusion species : None

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Maidscross Hill, Lakenheath, Suffolk (v.2005) © Neil Sherman

Flight chart
100 88 33

Life history chart
larva larva larva larva larvapupaimago imago larvaimago larvaimago larva larva larva larva