The Moths of Suffolk
1126 Ancylis badiana, (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

National Status : Common

Local Status : Uncertain (SMP Status 4)

Habitats : Grassland, uncultivated ground, open areas in woodland

Flight Period : Double-brooded; late April to mid-June and July to August

Larval foodplants : On the leaves of vetches (Lathyrus and Vicia) or clovers (Trifolium)

Records : Minsmere (R Harvey & J Higgott, 23.v.2005)

Morley's Final Catalogue : This beautiful insect is fairly frequent everywhere. Lately noted at Bentley Woods, Hemley, Leiston, Letheringham Park, Monks Soham garden, Needham, Yoxford, Weston; and (D) common in May at Gorleston.

Wingspan details : Wingspan 11-16mm


Confusion species
    AdultAncylis unculana
Ancylis paludana

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Tulloch Moor, Inverness-shire (vi.2009) © Neil Sherman

Flight chart

Life history chart
larval diapause larval diapause larval diapause larval diapausepupaimago imago ovalarvaimago larvapupaimago ovaimago larva larva larval diapause larval diapause

Further Photographs

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Oulton marshes, Suffolk (9.viii.2013) © Neil Sherman