The Moths of Suffolk
1039 Acleris comariana, Strawberry Tortrix, (Lienig & Zeller, 1846)

National Status : Local

Local Status : Resident (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Local

Habitats : Wet heathland, fens and marshes and occasionally farmland

Flight Period : Double-brooded; June to July and August to November

Larval foodplants : On the leaves of Marsh Cinquefoil (Potentilla palustris), strawberries (Fragaria) or Water Avens (Geum rivale)

Morley's Final Catalogue : A very local species in Britain, feeding on Comarum and strawberry. Found at only Orford during 1902 (Gibbs).

Wingspan details : Wingspan 13-18mm


Confusion species
    AdultAcleris laterana
Acleris caledoniana
Acleris schalleriana

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Female, confirmed by gen.det. by Jon Clifton - Southwold denes, Suffolk ( © Neil Sherman

Flight chart
25 100 50 50

Life history chart
ova ova ova ova larva larvapupaimago ovalarvapupaimago larvapupaimago larvapupaimago ovaimago ovaimago ova