The Moths of Suffolk
620 Elachista gangabella, Zeller, 1850

National Status : Local

Local Status : Uncertain, no recent records (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Rare

Habitats : Shady woodland

Flight Period : Single-brooded, mid-May to June

Larval foodplants : False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum), Cock's-foot (Dactylis glomerata) and soft-grass (Holcus). On the continent also reported from Mountain Melick (Melica nutans) and hair-grass (Deschampsia). Mining the leaves

Morley's Final Catalogue : Listed as non-Suffolk

Aston's Additions : Morley took a specimen on 29th May, 1939, inside a Monks' Soham House door (Trans. S.N.S,, Vol. IV, p. 155). "Sure to have been overlooked " Morley (1937).

Wingspan details : Wingspan 9-10mm


Confusion species
    AdultElachista obliquella
Elachista cingillella
Elachista unifasciella
Elachista adscitella
Elachista bisulcella
    Leaf-mineElachista atricomellaElachista luticomella
Elachista albifrontellaElachista nobilella
Elachista apicipunctellaElachista humilis
Elachista rufocinereaElachista subocellea
Elachista obliquellaElachista unifasciella
Elachista gangabellaElachista subalbidella
Elachista adscitellaElachista bisulcella
Biselachista cinereopunctellaCosmiotes freyerella
Cosmiotes stabilella

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Life history chart
larval diapause larval diapause larval diapause larval diapausepupa imago imago larva larva larval diapause larval diapause