The Moths of Suffolk
503 Coleophora fuscocuprella, Herrich-Schäffer, 1885

National Status : Nationally Scarce B

Local Status : Uncertain, no recent records (SMP Status 3)

Distribution and abundance : Recorded once only

Habitats : Wood margins and rides, heathland

Flight Period : Single-brooded, mid-May to June

Larval foodplants : Hazel (Corylus avellana), birch (Betula), especially Downy Birch (Betula pubescens). On the continent also on alder (Alnus), Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), and cherry (Cerasus)

Aston's Additions : A specimen flew onto the sheet at Staverton on 8.vii.1959 when Mr. Chipperfield and I were there (Trans. S.N.S., Vol. XI, pt. V, p. 415). An expected addition in 1937.

Wingspan details : Wingspan 7.5-10mm


Confusion species
    AdultColeophora coracipennella
Coleophora prunifoliae
Coleophora violacea
Coleophora binderella
Coleophora ahenella
    Larval caseColeophora violacea
Coleophora potentillae

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    Larval case

Flight chart

Life history chart
larval diapause larval diapause larval diapause larval diapausepupa pupaimago ovaimago larva larva larva larval diapause larval diapause