The Moths of Suffolk
338 Phyllonorycter cavella, (Zeller, 1846)

National Status : Local

Distribution and abundance : Rare, possibly under-recorded

Flight Period : Single-brooded; June to July

Larval foodplants : birch (Betula)

Records : Minsmere RSPB Reserve (N Sherman & A Prichard, 9.ix.2000), West Suffolk (A M Emmet, 1984)

Morley's Final Catalogue : Listed as non-Suffolk

Wingspan details : Wingspan 7-9mm


Confusion species
    AdultPhyllonorycter salicicolellaPhyllonorycter dubitella
Phyllonorycter ulicicolellaPhyllonorycter scopariella
Phyllonorycter maestingellaPhyllonorycter coryli, Nut Leaf Blister Moth
Phyllonorycter esperellaPhyllonorycter strigulatella
Phyllonorycter rajellaPhyllonorycter distentella
Phyllonorycter anderidaePhyllonorycter quinqueguttella
    Leaf-minePhyllonorycter anderidae
Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella

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Life history chart
pupa pupa pupa pupa pupa pupaimago imago ova larva larvapupa pupa pupa